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Biology: what it's, what it research and its significance

Biology is the science that research the origin, evolution and traits of residing beings , in addition to their important processes, their conduct and their interplay with the surroundings.

The phrase "biology" is fashioned from the Greek roots βίος (bíos), which suggests 'life', and -λογία (-logy), which suggests 'science' or 'examine'.

Biology is liable for describing the traits of residing beings, explaining their conduct as people or in neighborhood.

Significance of biology

One of many basic goals of biology is to determine the legal guidelines that govern the lifetime of organisms . That's, it covers the examine of the origin of life and its evolution all through our existence.

Therefore, it's crucial to hold out analysis and research on residing beings continually. This has allowed us to higher perceive how complicated microorganisms are and the way our physique works.

Scientific analysis in biology is essential to find tips on how to combat an infection or forestall illness. On this approach, biology contributes to enhancing our high quality of life, in addition to that of different animals and crops.

Biology can be a science that contributes nice information to different branches of scientific examine.

Biology areas

Biology is an enormous science from which a number of branches emerge that delve into probably the most numerous features associated to residing organisms, comparable to:

  • Anatomy: research the inner and exterior buildings of residing issues.
  • Bacteriology: examine of micro organism.
  • Biomedicine: research on the well being of human beings.
  • Biochemistry: examine of chemical processes.
  • Ecology: research organisms and their relationships, even with the surroundings.
  • Embryology: research the event of embryos.
  • Entomology: examine of bugs.
  • Ethology: examine of human and animal conduct.
  • Evolutionary biology: examine of the change that residing issues bear over time.
  • Phylogeny: examine of how residing issues evolve.
  • Genetics: examine of genes.
  • Histology: examine of the composition and construction of tissues.
  • Immunology: research of the physique's mechanisms to fight toxins, antigens, amongst others.
  • Mycology: examine of fungi.
  • Microbiology: examine of microorganisms.
  • Organography: examine of the organs of animals and crops.
  • Paleontology: examine of organisms that lived on Earth up to now.
  • Taxonomy: examine that permits to categorise residing beings.
  • Virology: examine of viruses.
  • Zoology: examine of animals.

Molecular biology

Molecular biology is the a part of biology that research the processes of residing beings from a molecular viewpoint. Particularly, it focuses on the examine of two macromolecules: nucleic acids, together with DNA and RNA , and proteins.

Cell biology

It's the a part of biology that research the phenomena that happen in cells, in addition to their properties, construction, capabilities, organelles, life cycle, and the best way through which they work together with their surroundings. It's a self-discipline associated to molecular biology.

Marine biology

Marine biology is the department of biology that's liable for finding out the organisms that inhabit marine ecosystems, in addition to the conservation of marine life and its surroundings in a bodily and chemical sense.

What's Biology for?


Determine, formulate and clarify organic phenomena that present different options to environmental issues, contribute to the event of scientific information and social transformation.

Generate, apply and disseminate organic data for the event of science, know-how and innovation.

Promote entrepreneurship tasks that contain the applying of organic information.

Take part within the definition of norms and insurance policies in features associated to biodiversity.

Occupational profile

Route and execution of scientific analysis, pure or utilized, within the conventional fields of the self-discipline and in transdisciplinary ones. 

Technical software of the information and strategies of Biology within the discipline of trade, biotechnology and the environmental space. 

Technical and scientific administration in organic laboratories, botanical gardens and zoos; institutes of pure sciences; experimental organic stations; vivariums; zoocriaderos; nurseries; germplasm banks; pure useful resource administration institutes; pure science museums. 

Examine, planning, projection, specification, route, management, contracting, inspection, supervision, execution and analysis of fabric works which can be ruled by organic science or approach. 

Route, supervision and execution of duties whose remaining result's a technical or organic doc. 

Efficiency of positions of advisors and delegates in missions and commissions which can be designated to signify the nation in worldwide conferences geared toward finding out, regulating and directing scientific, industrial or technical actions associated to the organic sciences. 

Efficiency of positions, capabilities or commissions in any of the branches of public or non-public administration comparable to NGOs, Ministries, Secretariats, Administrative Departments, universities and management and surveillance entities. 

Recommendation and consultancy to official and personal entities linked to the scientific and technological degree with pure assets and the surroundings, within the inspection of the standard of the works which can be entrusted to them, in analysis tasks and different tasks of a technical nature that they develop inside from the sphere of biology. 

Participation in skilled experiences inside authorized and authorized processes associated to organic areas.

Historical past of biology

biology - scientific method
Biology correct will emerge with the invention of the scientific technique .

Biology as an impartial discipline of examine didn't at all times exist, since in historic occasions its fields of curiosity had been the topic of philosophy, which tried to decipher the legal guidelines of life (and the world) by pure reasoning, as a substitute of experimentation.

Biology itself will come up with the invention of science and the scientific technique, a sequence of empirical and verifiable steps to infer the legal guidelines of nature.

Origin of the time period Biology

The time period "biology" was coined in 1800 and is attributed to Karl Friedrich Burdach, though there are some earlier mentions to this point.

Biology areas

Marine biology
Marine biology research the types of life discovered within the sea.

Modern biology has diversified vastly, which is why it consists of quite a few branches devoted to the examine of a selected sort of residing beings or a selected sort of significant ecosystem or a selected organic theme. Some examples might be:

  • Zoology . Devoted to the particular examine of the animal kingdom.
  • Botany. He limits his examine to the dominion of crops , algae and sure sorts of micro organism that perform photosynthesis.
  • Microbiology. Accountable for the examine of microscopic life .
  • Parasitology.  solely in animals that survive on the expense of benefiting from others.
  • genetics _ Examine of life from the angle of the transmission of organic data and heredity.
  • Biochemistry. It delves into the chemical and molecular functioning of the our bodies of residing beings and the substances they generate.
  • Marine biology. Particular examine of these types of life discovered solely within the sea .
  • Biotechnology. Examine of the legal guidelines of life with pragmatic functions of business or technological use.
  • Virology.  Department devoted fully to the examine of viruses .


Ideas of biology

Life is a steady strategy of change that pushes species to evolve.

All of biology is ruled by the next precepts on the premise of which human beings scientifically perceive the phenomenon of life:

  • Universality. All recognized life varieties share sure frequent precepts, comparable to being made up of cells, or requiring genetic data to cross on to future generations, and even the drive to nourish, develop, and reproduce.
  • Evolution. Life is a steady strategy of change that pushes species to compete and evolve, that's, to higher and higher adapt to the surroundings by bodily and biochemical adjustments inherited from future generations to perpetuate the species (or change into extinct).
  • Range. Life on our planet is numerous and assorted, so there are a lot of animal and plant species and the varied kingdoms through which life is assessed.
  • Continuity. Life is known as a steady course of that includes the residing beings of the current and their direct heirs to come back. Because of this life has modified over an extended chain of time, from 3.5 billion years in the past to immediately.
  • Homeostasis.  That is the title given to the precept in response to which life at all times strives to adapt as greatest as potential to adjustments within the surroundings and surroundings, sustaining a dynamic stability of temperature , pH and the presence of chemical components .
  • Interplay. Life can't happen in isolation, however is at all times half of a bigger system, through which relationships of competitors, solidarity and predation happen, which makes biotic programs (ecosystems) tough to review.


Associated sciences

Biology collaborates intently with different sciences and disciplines, comparable to: biochemistry (biology and chemistry), biophysics (biology and physics) , biotechnology (biology and numerous engineering, agriculture or livestock), astrobiology (biology and astronomy ) , biomedicine (biology and medication), and so forth.

Significance of biology

Biology offers options to enhance the standard of life.

Biology as a science permits us to method life and its complicated processes with extra information, both to know what life is precisely and know tips on how to search for it in different places (different planets, for instance) or to have the ability to handle it and defend it from our personal excesses. .

As well as, this science offers theoretical and sensible materials to quite a few different scientific disciplines , due to which our high quality of life might be improved, illnesses might be combated, and so forth.

Classification of life

Crops photosynthesize and supply themselves with meals from water and daylight.

One of many central duties of biology appears to be the classification and outline of residing beings, for which there's a system of kingdoms (proposed by Carlos Linnaeus within the 18th century and reworked a number of occasions since then) that distinguishes between:

  • Animals . Able to transferring at will, they breathe and require ingestion of natural matter to outlive. They at all times reproduce sexually.
  • crops . Able to photosynthesizing and offering meals from water and daylight , they're motionless and reproduce sexually and asexually.
  • mushrooms . Comparable in cell construction to crops, they should decompose natural matter to outlive, they're motionless and reproduce by the use of spores.
  • Protists. Beings that can't be categorized within the earlier three, however that share with them their sort of cell ( eukaryote , that's, with a nucleus ). They're unicellular and multicellular.
  • micro organism .  Along with the archaea, they type the area of prokaryotes , that's, cells with no outlined nucleus. Micro organism are microscopic, some pathogenic (infectious) and others photosynthetic, and are probably the most quite a few life type on the planet .
  • archaea. Quite simple unicellular organisms that represent each a kingdom and a website (relying on the classification) since they've a really totally different evolutionary historical past from micro organism, being nearer to eukaryotes in issues of biochemistry and metabolism.


Organic disciplines

A organic self-discipline research the easy buildings of life comparable to cells.

Given the broad topic of examine of biology, it's organized into 4 units of disciplines, that are:

  • The examine of the easy buildings of life: cells, genes, and so forth.
  • The examine of the complicated buildings of life: tissues, organs, our bodies , and so forth.
  • The examine of organisms and their life histories: their growth, progress and important processes.
  • The examine of life as a system of interactions: ecosystems, communities , and so forth.


Future biology

Many questions are being requested immediately relating to the way forward for this science, which appears to permit us an ever higher diploma of intrusion into life as such.

Whereas some level to a extra accountable, clever and knowledgeable train of biology, there are many theories and representations of dystopian futures  through which man has paid the value for manipulating genetics and the legal guidelines of biology.

Scientific technique

scientific method - biology
The scientific technique is predicated on remark to create hypotheses.

As stated in the beginning, biology makes use of the scientific technique and its rules of remark, measurement, managed replica within the laboratory and formulation of experimental hypotheses, for the examine of life varieties. Something that doesn't resort to this systemic and verifiable technique is solely not biology.